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Denis P.の評価

11/05/2024 06:35

Emeline P.の評価

Exquis, du service à l'assiette !

10/05/2024 06:39

Emmalynn H.の評価

Very delicious seafood! English friendly but not too touristy, friendly staff and fabulous menu.

06/05/2024 08:07

Thomas B.の評価

An enjoyable meal with lovely food and friendly service. Our mains of swordfish and sea bass (both with vegetables) were well cooked and moorish - this restaurant majors on fish though a couple of meat courses are available. With a shared desert of lemon tart our meal for 2 cost €100 including service. This did include a nice bottle of Minuty blanc. We look forward to returning and it is advisable to book.

05/05/2024 07:33

Guo F.の評価

I like the vibe and the service ,we ordered one starter and one main meal for two people ,and a dessert ,but for the main meal it’s a steak,some parts have roasted too much but some are too rare.Actually I have not met this occasion before in any other steak restaurants, I do think to make the steak at the relatively same level degree is a basic ability for a Michelin starred restaurant.But the potatoes and beans aside are perfect. And the server treated us a really delicious dessert for free because of the dissatisfaction with the steak.

02/05/2024 08:48

Maria Grazia I.の評価

26/04/2024 07:45

Samara M.の評価

24/04/2024 12:58

Gérald V.の評価

Très bons plats

24/04/2024 09:49

Boris K.の評価

22/04/2024 04:23

Ilana V.の評価

15/04/2024 11:00